Christchurch Earthquakes … New Zealand

I was scared taking these pictures. I was afraid that someone would stop and yell at me for prying; that I had no business taking these photos. (FYI – I would make a lousy photojournalist.) That said, I still snuck my camera out one afternoon and I was surprised that there were a lot of curious people like me. What I saw when I documented these pics (sometimes out of the car window) horrified me. I’ve said this many times before – I love this city that I grew up in, but I ultimately outgrew wanting to stay there. I needed something bigger, a larger city with more people. So going home and seeing all this damage was awfully bittersweet; there was still so much to love in all the Autumn colours, yet so much sadness and loss.

It’s really hard to describe what the vibe is like in Christchurch. I am pretty much an outsider nowadays; I don’t really fit into this city that I once grew up in, and I certainly don’t understand what my family, friends and the rest of Canterbury have been through this past year. There is a real comradeship between all the people who live in Christchurch who experienced the quakes together. They are in the fight to re-build their city together, and their sense of humour is definitely alive and well. That said, I really felt a sense of loss, sadness, despair and anger in the people. I think Cantabrians like to hold their cards close to our chests, and this was definitely a time I sensed that.

It’s going to be an amazingly long fight to re-build this beautiful garden city – it will literally take decades and I don’t believe there will be a day that they can call it finished. My hope for Christchurch is that everyone has a say in how it’s re-built, and that it’s done with grace, style and good ‘ol common sense.

So without further ado, here are the pictures that I finally feel like sharing.

Also, if you would like to kindly donate and help them out, here is a link to the New Zealand Red Cross.


1 Jenny Ruddle | 06.05.11 at 9:18 am |

Thanks for sharing leanne, always sad to see home like this XX

2 Jacqui | 06.06.11 at 8:15 am |

It’s so sad to see :( I love my home town and it still makes me cry :( amazing pictures tho hun xx

3 lorraine | 06.10.11 at 5:06 pm |


4 Agi | 06.21.11 at 10:31 am |

just beautiful documentary!!!!

5 brittany | 06.24.11 at 6:41 pm |

so heart breaking :(

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