What’s your style of photography?

My style of wedding photography is photo journalistic. I never interrupt moments as they happen on your wedding day so I can get a ‘posed’ image. That said, I do like to dedicate a small portion of time so I can create some portraits of you both. That’s the time when I would guide you and suggest simple shots and locations that I think will make a great portrait. The only time during the day that this would happen is when I’m with you and your bridal party after your ceremony and before you head off to get married. It’s definitely not my style to stop your guests and take table shots at the reception either. I much prefer to capture them unobtrusively when they are laughing, smiling and having a great time. If I was going to give my style a name, it would be fun, fresh, simple and natural.


Do you take family photos at weddings?

Most definitely! This nearly always happens after your ceremony. Included in your contract and forms is a list of family and group photographs that I ask you to complete. This gives me the chance to run through the list quickly. I do suggest that you try and keep groupings to essentials though because of time restraints on the day. I also like to make these images as quick and painless as possible so your guests can leave and enjoy themselves. If we simply run out of time, I will always take any missed family shots at your reception.


Can I give you a list of photos that I’d like you to take?

Sure, but keep in mind that these types of lists are not essential as I will capture all of the important details of your day. I have over a decade of experience photographing weddings and I want you to feel assured by that. By all means though, please let me know of any special requests or a particular creative shot that you would like me to create – I’m more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.


Do I get all of the images from my wedding day?

No. I always cull images that are repetitive duplicates, shots where eyes are closed and any others that I feel don’t make the story of your day. The remaining images are then edited and polished to perfection. This generally leaves anywhere between 500 to 1000 colour images (depending on how many hours I am at your wedding). Please keep in mind that this is a huge amount of photos and will always cover the story of your day.


Do I get black and white photos?

Yes you do. I provide a black and white copy of every colour one that you receive on your USB stick.


Are my photos watermarked?

All of my clients receive a gorgeous little USB stick with their wedding images on it when you book the Essential Package. These are edited, full resolution jpegs and are not watermarked. I provide you with a written release that allows you to make duplicate copies for friends and family, however I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, awards etc. You are also able to print your images yourself. Please keep in mind though that print quality can vary greatly with different companies (i.e. Big W, Harvey Norman etc). I am always on hand though to help you with any printing needs or recommendations at no extra cost.


When do I get to see my photos from my wedding day?

After I finish photographing your wedding, I come home and back up your images. I then post a sneak preview up on my blog within the next week for you and your family and friends to see. This has become very popular over the years – something my clients always look forward to. I then have your images online within 6 weeks (often much sooner). This is a password protected gallery on my proofing website which I email to you. You can then share the link and password with friends and family.


Do you work with an assistant?

No I don’t. I have many years of experience photographing weddings, and I am more than capable of capturing your wedding day on my own. However, there is the option to have a second photographer and you can find this information on page 7 of my pricelist here. My wonderful close friend Peta from Cleeland Photography is my awesome side kick who I employ as needed. We have known each other for many years now, and she understands my style and how I work. If Peta is not available to assist me on a wedding day, then I ask someone else within my network of talented photographer friends.


Where are you located?

My home based business is located on the South Side of Brisbane.


Do you travel outside of Brisbane for weddings?

Yes I do. There is a small travel fee for weddings that are located more than 100km’s from my home and it is listed on page 7 of my pricelist here. If you are getting married overseas, travel expenses are billed simply and all you are responsible for is a reimbursement of travel charges (i.e. hotel, airfare, rental car). I organise it all myself, taking the pressure away from you. Please email me if you would like an estimate for an overseas wedding.


If I choose an album, how long does it take to get it?

Once your gallery is complete, we then start work on your album design. I ask you to pick out your absolute must haves (and also ones that you wish not to include). From there, I design very simply to create a story of your day. I post the first draft online for you to look at, and then we make any tweaks and changes from there. Once you have approved your design, we then choose your album cover material. It is then sent away and takes approximately 6 weeks (sometimes less) to be made. I then hand deliver your album to you. If you have not approved your design within a year from your wedding date, a fee is charged due to increases in album production costs. Lastly, if you would like to see some sample albums, please let me know at our initial consultation and I will bring them with me.


How do I get my thank you cards organised and printed if I choose them?

My thank you cards are designed by me and you, and they follow the same process as my album design (see above). They are then printed on beautiful art linen card stock, in either a horizontal or vertical 5″ x 7″ folded card. (Please note that the Brischetto Photography logo will be placed on the back of your cards.) The cards are then delivered straight to your door within 3 weeks after placing the order.


When will you photograph my engagement session?

Engagement sessions are best photographed a few months shy of your wedding. The reason for this is because it’s still fairly fresh for all of us, and you won’t have forgotten what it’s like to be in front of the camera. That said, couples often book me a year in advance for their wedding and will request their engagement session much sooner (images are often used for save the date cards). This is fine, but I do like to have at least one more catch up before your wedding day so we are not strangers when your day rolls around. Click here if you would like more information about my engagement sessions, and don’t forget to check out my galleries too.


I’d like to know how many weddings you have photographed?

I have been in business for over a decade now and I’ve photographed over 500 weddings. Please rest assured that you are hiring a professional photographer with many years of wedding photography experience.


Can you hold my date for me?

I will hold your date for two weeks only. If I receive any other inquiries within those two weeks, I will contact you to let you know so you can make a decision on whether you would like to book with me (the booking needs to be made within 24 hours or the date will then become open to other clients).


How do I pay you?

A deposit of $500 is due at the time of booking and signing of your contract. This is then deducted from the package you choose. The total amount owing is then due two weeks before your wedding day. Brischetto Photography accepts direct credit only.


How long do you stay at my reception?

Because my packages are based on hours, you get to choose my start and finish time. This allows full control of how much of your reception you would like photographed. If I run overtime on the day and you ask me to stay longer, I will bill you after your wedding day in half hour time slots.


Should I feed you if you are staying for our reception?

Yes please. (: This ensures I stay happy, mobile and I don’t get the hangries (hungry + angry). You do not have to provide me with the same meal as your family and friends, just a good, basic meal that will keep me running for the evening. I also prefer to be fed when you are being fed so I don’t miss any photography opportunities (plus it’s not so photogenic to capture people when they are eating). I also ask that I be seated away from your guests so I have the chance to recap and plan for the evening. Your chosen supplier will be very used to feeding vendors like myself, and will be on hand to assist.


Can my family and friends bring their cameras and shoot next to you?

I am really easy going and friendly, and I don’t mind guests shooting next to me, as long as it doesn’t distract from my job or the limited time I have on your day. I certainly don’t mind if family and friends take photographs in the background, but I do ask that people be respectful of the images I am trying to create on the day and not push or crowd me.


Anything else you’d like to ask me? Feel free to email me here!