Miss Jelica

Every year I pull the camera out and take a quick snap of Jeli so I can add to a frame that holds all of her school years. So when we got home this afternoon, it was a quick change out of her uniform and into something she wanted to wear for her photos. Looking at these photos now makes me realise that the time I’ve had with her has flown by so fast. I’ve spent 7 years being a stepmum to this fascinating creature – some of those good, some of those … not so good. But we’ve gotten this far and I love having her as my little companion whenever she is with me. This kid has a crazy sense of humour too, and she can still be made to laugh by telling her a fart joke (just like when she was a tiny wee toddler). :D She doesn’t mind me being an embarrassing step mum either (which I like to do, particularly if we are in public – she just rolls her eyes and laughs.) She loves, loves, loves to sing and dance, and I’m proud to say that she has an amazing voice (we’ve been taking her to singing lessons to help her along). She is also a fantastic ‘big cousin’ to her younger cousins. She’s got great patience with them, and they absolutely adore her (well maybe Georgia more so because I caught Mitchell throwing crayons at her tonight, just for fun). In fact Georgia loves to tell people that Jeli is her best friend (and there’s an age gap 6 years there too!). :D She loves all things girly, including dolls, dress ups, make up, nail polish and so on, but she still piles her bed high with all the teddy bears she’s slept with since she was young. She loves her Uncle Karlos cooking bacon and eggs for her when she stays over there (which is almost every fortnight!). She loves her Aunty Tina taking her to her singing lessons. She still loves ‘frog rides’ with Mario. She loves to go shopping with me. She loves horses. She loves to socialise (the more, the better!). I could list some of the not so desirable things that she likes to do as well (like being cheeky when she shouldn’t and not listening when she’s spoken to), but that’s not really important right now. Because she is who she is, and I’m really proud of the girl she’s growing up to be. Oh, and how gorgeous does she look below?

P.S It’s not an easy job taking her photo. It’s always a mix of bribing, photographing REALLY quickly (and hoping for the best), fart jokes, nagging, threatening, laughing … you get the picture. Anyway, enjoy these outtakes (saving for her 21st of course!). :D


1 Mary-Jane | 12.11.12 at 7:44 pm |

Wow! Jeli gets more & more beautiful every year! I absolutely adore those first two photos, & I love the photo-collage – what a personality!

2 hannah | 02.01.13 at 3:51 pm |

so beautiful Leanne.

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