Warning! Cute Rusty pics ahead!

So it turns out I have a severe lack of vitamin D. This I discovered today after a trip to my GP for some blood test results. So in the best interest of my bones and immune system, I took the naughty dogues out for a run at the park armed with my camera (again!). I couldn’t peel Dax from my side to get any pics of her (she’s camera shy you see), but I could boss Rusty around and make him pose for me. He has came a long way from when he used to bolt upon being set free from the car … actually he does still try to do that, but once he’s worn himself out a bit, I can generally boss, threaten and give him the hairy eyeball to get him to sit down. He’s learning! Smart dog. (: Oh, whilst I remember, I *must* mention that Rusty has cost us the equivalent of feeding a small country in vet bills. Mario is certain we need to set up an ‘I Love Rusty’ bank account. So far since living with us, he’s managed to a.) rip open his de-sexing wound (in the middle of the night no less) meaning a trip to A + E after hours – ouch! b.) break his toe doing acrobatics in the garage after pulling down the back of the trailer on him and … c.) get hit by a 4WD after he decided he wanted to play in the traffic. (That’s actually true by the way – he chomps at cars as they pass him by.) He should have been a cat – we’re certain he has 9 lives! And here’s hoping  accidents only run in 3’s! So for your Rusty viewing pleasure, here are some pics I caught of the naughty boy this afternoon. Enjoy! (P.S I used my 70-200mm IS f/2.8 for all of these photos.)

The graze under his nose is courtesy of his run-in with the 4WD …


1 Kristy | 09.08.11 at 9:51 pm |

There is just one thing to say ” That is unconditional love practised at it very finest “..x

2 Katherine | 09.08.11 at 9:55 pm |

Aw he’s so gorgeous! I especially
love the black & white series, & the last shot is just beautiful <3

3 Agi | 09.08.11 at 10:46 pm |

my girls would love to have this pupy!!!!!! What a beautiful dog!!!!! Great photos;o)

4 Fiona | 09.08.11 at 10:54 pm |

Oh dear, that pup is just way too cute! That last image put a massive smile on my face:)

5 Monika Eisenbart | 09.08.11 at 11:11 pm |

He is so cute!!! Love the photos and all the details are great too!!!!

6 lorraine | 09.09.11 at 4:48 am |

Aww i miss him :( love the photo’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥

7 toni Raper | 09.09.11 at 8:11 am |

what a beauty, looks like could wrap you around his little paw! I spy a lady bug too. Did he go for a swim at the end as a reward for being a good subject?:)

8 lorraine | 09.09.11 at 9:32 pm |

I love ♥ the 1st one hon,hes has the most beautiful eyes xx

9 Melissa S | 09.09.11 at 10:16 pm |

What a cute puppy!! Love him xx

10 Josh & Kylie | 09.11.11 at 1:38 pm |

Very cute :)

11 Jenny Ruddle | 09.12.11 at 9:12 pm |

Aww gorgeous, love that big tongue hanging out.

12 Marie | 09.13.11 at 6:53 pm |

that’s enough to make me want one…. really gorgeous Leanne! It is so important to get pics of out pets – they are part of the family after all!

13 Mrs Hunt | 09.19.11 at 12:16 pm |

Hey Mrs B,

Gosh, your write up about Rusty made me laugh, when I still had Ozzie he also (being a Border Collie) would try and attacked small cars, trailers, bicycles, skateboards and small appliances, it must be a personality trait, hahahaha, talk soon Mrs, xxx

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